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Council on Chiropractic Practice Guidelines

Handbook of Abusable Drugs
Amereon Press, N.Y. 791 pages (Included & Bound together with below text: Reward Deficiency Syndrome: A Biogenic Model, 112 pgs. More Info
@ Seminar $89.00** ……$110.00**

Reward Deficiency Syndrome: A Biogenic Model
Amereon Press, N.Y., 112 pgs. More Info
@ Seminar $45.00………….$49.00*

Torque Release Technique College Manual
@ Seminar $39.00………….$65.00*

The Chiropractor 
D.D. Palmer, 1914

The Art of Chiropractic
R.W. Stephenson, 1927

Integrator Adjusting Instrument
(available for TRT Docs) $835.00 at seminar. More Info
$925.00*** ($1,025. for D.C.’s not trained in TRT)

Integrator Tips
Specify White, Grey or Black tips
White & Grey Tips $8.00*each     Black tips $20.00*each

Integrator Holster (All Leather & holds Integrator, Stim Plus Pro, Tips, Phase Blocker, Etc.) More Info

Stim Plus Pro
Model SW-103
$599.00 **
$550.00 At Seminar

Stim Plus
Dr. Jay Holder Signature Model
$450.00 At Seminar

“Wanted” Audio Tapes
13 On Purpose Interviews w/Dr. Jay 1997 through 2014

“Health In Hand” Chiropractic Documentary
York University, Toronto, Canada (26 mins) More Info

Integrator Portable Adjusting Table
$705*** (Integrator Model) – Call For Shipping Fees, $45 (most U.S. cities). Click Here for the order form.
$675.*** when purchased at seminar

Staying Clean & Sober
Woodland Publishing, Orem, Utah, 288 pgs, talking book on CD

ADHD & Other Compulsive Disorders
“TO DRUG OR NOT TO DRUG” Workshop DVD taught by Nick Hodgson, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia. More Info

Addictions power point 4.0
More Info

Smoking Cessation & Tobacco Addiction Power point Program

Narcotics Anonymous text in Hebrew

Auriculotherapy Full 16 hours 8-set DVD’s
$299 at seminar discount, Taught by Dr. Jay M. Holder

The Tonal Model” 3 DVD Set
$99 at seminar, The Subluxation, Brain Reward Cascade, RDS & State of Well-Being, Life Homecoming

Torque Release Patient Education Video 7:50 min DVD

The 33 Principles of Chiropractic Video

Television News Releases Video 5:30 min DVD

Discovery Channel Documentary
Exodus Treatment Center 15 min DVD

Interactive 3D Chiropractic Spine CD
1/2 price @ Seminar $150.00

Flash Cards for Non Linear Testing Priorities…@ Semianr 2 for $3.00…….$2.00*
TRT Wrist Bands…@ Semianr 2 for $3.00………$2.00*

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* $6.00
** $15.00